Recap of MLSSS02 SET Achievers Re-union, 2023

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By: Ijeomah Anthony
On 2024-03-30T14:40:21.298Z

~ The president detailed the agenda of outgoing administration; the achievements, strength and weaknesses and pledged to continue with plans to better the association and members as the incoming president. He thanked the election committee and outgoing EXCO

~ Awards of selfless services were given to some members while ACHIEVERS outstanding couple award was given to Engr. Chief and Lolo Ifeanyi Onyeka.

~ Unanimous voice ~ People with investment Ideas should always throw it open and in the group as soon as they got it for assessment and consideration by the group. 

~ Incoming adimmistration were admonished to initiate and conclude an investment for the group. 

~ Members reported one of our brother who purportedly has reached out to majority of members inbox/privately seeking for help/financial support. They expressed their reservations and fear hence, the EXCO will for the interest of the group and members cordinate appropriate investigations and recommend solutions to support him and avoid similar complaints by members. As result, members resolved *no more inbox financial solicitations* since there are individuals who abuse the privilege and suffocate members with stories that seems untrue. To this, members resolved to include Engr. Ebuka Nwokolo into welfare Committee and every information related to financial assistance shall *only* come {through the welfare committee through the EXCO to the forum}

~ Rev. Nicholas reminded the EXCO about the validity of our CAC certificate and asked we verify and follow up accordingly to avoid issues 

~ Mr. Uche Okafor will update the requirement of the landed properties in *Ibusa Asaba area* and members are encouraged to financially get ready for the better investment this year.

~ Engr. Ejike Ozoude expressed his joy for the cordination of the group and promised to single handedly financially sponsor the creation of a functional Website for the ACHIEVERS. 

~ Mr. Ijeoma Anthony also expressed his joy and requested for membership requirements and associations account for full registration and participation 

~ On the Website creation, Engr. Ozoude will liaise with Mr. Ijeoma to fulfil his promise since he (Ijeoma) is into website designing. And as part of supporting ourselves, Engr. Emeka Ezekwonna will award Mr. Ijeoma a contract of creating a website for one of his company.

~ Celestine Offer lamented the absence of ACHIEVERS in his white wedding though he admitted it was his fault for not complying with constitutional provisions. In response, outgoing VP clarified the human face of the ACHIEVERS and encouraged everyone to show some commitment and support to the association financially and otherwise. Members with challenges that could hinder fulfilling associations financial obligations should approach welfare director for assessment and possible solutions.

~ The VP thanked everyone for support and opportunity to have served the association and requested everyone support to new exco. In his farewell speech he requested to reinstate Mr. Obumneme Ejike as an honorary group admin for being a vessel used in creating the Forum. Members present agreed and applauded the idea 

~ Financial summary of the association was not given due to error on the part of financial secretary. He copied the wrong file from his system while returning for festive season/reunion.


~ Members requested for Career development, health and business development trainings/teachings for the ACHIEVERS 

Closing prayers by the president