Recap of MLSSS02 SET Achievers Re-union, 2023

Recap of MLSSS02 SET Achievers Re-union, 2023

~ The president detailed the agenda of outgoing administration; the achievements, strength and weaknesses and pledged to continue with plans to better the association and members as the incoming president. He thanked the election committee and outgoing EXCO

~ Awards of selfless services were given to some members while ACHIEVERS outstanding couple award was given to Engr. Chief and Lolo Ifeanyi Onyeka.

~ Unanimous voice ~ People with investment Ideas should always throw it open and in the group as soon as they got it for assessment and consideration by the group. 

~ Incoming adimmistration were admonished to initiate and conclude an investment for the group. 

~ Members reported one of our brother who purportedly has reached out to majority of members inbox/privately seeking for help/financial support. They expressed their reservations and fear hence, the EXCO will for the interest of the group and members cordinate appropriate investigations and recommend solutions to support him and avoid similar complaints by members. As result, members resolved *no more inbox financial solicitations* since there are individuals who abuse the privilege and suffocate members with stories that seems untrue. To this, members resolved to include Engr. Ebuka Nwokolo into welfare Committee and every information related to financial assistance shall *only* come {through the welfare committee through the EXCO to the forum}

~ Rev. Nicholas reminded the EXCO about the validity of our CAC certificate and asked we verify and follow up accordingly to avoid issues 

~ Mr. Uche Okafor will update the requirement of the landed properties in *Ibusa Asaba area* and members are encouraged to financially get ready for the better investment this year.

~ Engr. Ejike Ozoude expressed his joy for the cordination of the group and promised to single handedly financially sponsor the creation of a functional Website for the ACHIEVERS. 

~ Mr. Ijeoma Anthony also expressed his joy and requested for membership requirements and associations account for full registration and participation 

~ On the Website creation, Engr. Ozoude will liaise with Mr. Ijeoma to fulfil his promise since he (Ijeoma) is into website designing. And as part of supporting ourselves, Engr. Emeka Ezekwonna will award Mr. Ijeoma a contract of creating a website for one of his company.

~ Celestine Offer lamented the absence of ACHIEVERS in his white wedding though he admitted it was his fault for not complying with constitutional provisions. In response, outgoing VP clarified the human face of the ACHIEVERS and encouraged everyone to show some commitment and support to the association financially and otherwise. Members with challenges that could hinder fulfilling associations financial obligations should approach welfare director for assessment and possible solutions.

~ The VP thanked everyone for support and opportunity to have served the association and requested everyone support to new exco. In his farewell speech he requested to reinstate Mr. Obumneme Ejike as an honorary group admin for being a vessel used in creating the Forum. Members present agreed and applauded the idea 

~ Financial summary of the association was not given due to error on the part of financial secretary. He copied the wrong file from his system while returning for festive season/reunion.


~ Members requested for Career development, health and business development trainings/teachings for the ACHIEVERS 

Closing prayers by the president

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Recap of MLSSS02 SET Achievers Re-union, 2024

Recap of MLSSS02 SET Achievers Re-union, 2024

1. Engr Emmanuel (Secretary General) on behalf of the Excos Welcomed members to the Reunion and called on Moller who said the opening prayer at about 03:30pm and the meeting was declared open.

2. Cardinal was called up and he gave a brief run down on the history of the association; how it was formed,the purpose and objectives of the association. 


3. Cardinal stated his displeasure that members come for Reunion without our Identity cap and the absence of our official banner at the venue of the Reunion. Emmanuel (Secretary General) apologized on behalf of the Excos for the failing to have our banner mounted on the venue of the Reunion and promised it won't happen again.

4.Cardinal talked about dues payment and the need for us not to remove defaulters who doesn't have money to pay.

5. Cardinal appealed that we re-unite with members who left for one reason or the other.

5. Cardinal spoke on Bringing in our wifes to attend events and called for plans for the future of the association.

6. Ifeanyi Onyeka suggested that Reunion should not be a yearly event stressing that members' vibe towards the yearly Reunion is nose diving rather it should be at the end of every tenure of 4 years.

7. Moller added that regional meetings should be taken seriously and suggested 3 years for each tenure at the end of which we have a Reunion. 

8. Ijeoma supported yearly event for the reunion. Stating that 4 years is a long time to see our mates.

9. Moller faulted the EXCOs on poor planing of the Reunion and short notices of the date and plans for the event.

10. Moller also faulted the EXCOs for not Carrying members along with planning of the Reunion. 

11. Moller talked about how we can multiply our money in the bank by investing the money. Members suggested Fix deposit or acquiring a piece of land with the money.

12. Ijeoma presented the extent of work done on the website, he stated the extent achieved so far and what needed to be done to complete the website development.

13. Ijeoma stated that he hasn't hosted the site because of some information he doesn't have yet.

14. In response to Ijeoma 's request for some information needed for the website, Cardinal suggested we open a WhatsApp group where him and Obinna Ibe and some old and new Executives will be added to respond promptly to Ijeomah's requests.

15. On AOB, Jonathan thanked members of the Executives and everyone for their efforts to keeping the association together despite their individual busy schedules. 

16. Engr Emmanuel ( Secretary General) thanked members for making out time to attend the Reunion despite their tight schedule and short notice. He then called on Moller who said the closing prayers at about 4:50 PM and a motion for Adjustment was moved by Moller, seconded by Zola.

17. Photo sections.

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MLLSS Oba Google Meet Held on Sunday, 21-01-2024

MLLSS Oba Google Meet Held on Sunday, 21-01-2024

Meeting started at 04:10pm and Paul Oko lead us with opening prayers.

• Paul Oko welcomed all members to the meeting and gave a brief introduction of the Association, he further stated its essence and benefits to member since it was formed.

• Mr President (Oscar) recapped the events of the last Re-union which necessitated the call for a meeting to discuss and agree on issues raised during the re-union.

On the Issue of Cap (Members Identification)

• Mr President (Oscar) promised to produce more caps before Easter so members will pick at production cost.

• Maxwell talked about other means of identification the Association should adopt.

• Ojodo encouraged members interested in caps to get while does that don’t like caps should get other items for identification that the Excos will make available.

• Chidi Umezinwa (Boric) suggested we add branded mufflers as means of identification.

• Kardinal supported the idea of having another means of identification alongside Cap.

• Dr Isa Onyejefu supported the idea of producing more Caps since interested members will pay for it and mufflers to be added as a means of identification.

• Mr President concluded the topic by supporting the call for muffler to be added as a means of identification to go along side with Cap.

On members who don’t pay Dues 

• Dr Isa proposed that members who default in payment of dues should not be removed, he stated that by being our classmates, they are qualified to be members of the Association BUT should not get any entitlement or financial benefit from the Ass. If the need arises.

• Members; Nonny, Kardinal and Chinweike supported Dr Isa on that comment.

• Maxwell in addition to Dr Isa’s comment reminded all that Dr Isa’s comment was not only proper but is also backed by the constitution of the Association.

On Re-union dates; Annually or once in 2 years or others

• Ifeanyi Ojinnaka (Rodman) supported re-union after 2 years sighting the economic situation of the country, cost of hosting re-unions and advised that interesting contents should be added to our re-unions to attract more members. 

• Ifeanyi Onyeka (Oil) proposed a re-union at the end of every tenure of 2 years where a new government will emerge and be handed over to.

• Due to inclusiveness of members who are absent, Paul Oko called for an online voting on WhatsApp the next Sunday where all members can vote.

On Regional Meetings

• Paul Oko proposed Regional meeting every 4 months and called for members to take it seriously.

• Maxwell called on the Excos to take Regional meetings seriously and draft agenda that will stimulate members to participate and make it more fun.

• Chyke supported Maxwell and so did all members.

On Investment

• Maxwell charged the Excos to bring up ideas on investment so members can choose from them.

• Udeagu suggested we set up a committee to deliberate on Investment plans and get back to the Excos.

• Emmanuel Agu proposed an Investment plan of Fix deposit stating that it’s the investment plan that suites our purse.

• Benedict charged member to endeavor to pay their outstanding levies to raise funds to an appreciable amount to invest and get bountiful returns.

• Excos were charged with the responsibility of setting up a committee to discuss on the investment plan that suites the Association.

Upcoming Election

• Moderator Paul Oko reminded members about the upcoming election coming up later in the year. He promised to set up an online poll for member to vote on the duration of a tenure the next Sunday.


• Paul Oko proposed an on-line meeting every 3 months to give members the opportunity to disclose their ideas that can move the Association forward.

• Ifeanyi Ojinnaka charged the Excos to periodically post the Account statement of the Association to the General WhatsApp forum for members to have a fill of the amount we have in our purse.

• Ifeanyi Ojinnaka’s comment was supported by Dr Isa.

• Maxwell appreciated everyone for making out time for the on-line meeting and charged the Excos to bring out plans and ideas to make the Association livelier E.g. Business, Health, Igbo or History Discussions as well as try to be present in the day to day running of the WhatsApp channel. He also discouraged members who are well to do financially from collecting any palliative meant for members who are still struggling.


• Paul Oko on behalf of the Excos appreciated members for making out time to have the first on-line open meeting and called on Mr President for closing remark.

• Mr President also appreciated members for taking part in the meeting and urged the financial team of the Excos to be posting statement of account every 3 months. He also called on members to bear with the Excos noting that NO Exco is been paid for their services and they equally have other things that need their attention. 

Mr President pleaded with members to desist from insulting or abusing members or Excos for any reason what so ever noting that we should spread love not abuses. He also promised to bring back aggrieved members who left for one reason or the other who are willing to come back.

• Paul Oko said the closing prayer at about 05:40 PM and the meeting was closed.

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MLLSS Oba Google Meet Held on Sunday, 21-01-2024

Mlsss02 Achievers console Ifeanyi Ezeike as he buries father in a blaze of glory.

Ifeanyi Ezeike, a member of Merchant of Light Special Science School, Oba, Anambra State, an old boys association name Achievers 02 set, has laid to rest his late father, Late Nze Innocent Chukwuemeka Ezeonwaneti(AKA ONWA) , in a colourful ceremony that took place in Ubaha Village, Umuikeakor Amesi, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The entire town was enveloped with fanfare as prominent family friends, well-wishers, Achievers 02 set representatives came to honour the departed and celebrate his impactful life.

The funeral journey of Late Nze Innocent Chukwuemeka Ezeonwaneti started with vigil mass at his compound, Ubaha village Amesi, Aguata L.G.A, Anambra State on Wednesday 28th February, 2024.

While the funeral service unfolded at hometown after his body left Visitation Hospital Mortuary to his compound for lying-in-state before funeral mass also at his compound Ubaha village Amesi, then followed by condolence visit by in-laws, friends and well-wishers.

The burial attracted the presence of members of Merchant of Light Special Science School, Oba 2002 set namely; Chief Engr and Mrs Ifeanyi onyeka (OIL), Obiajulu Ozouwa ( pappin), Nwachukwu Chinweike Daniel ( Saint Daniel), Ifeanyi Ezeike (Camara), Ifeanyi Onwurah ( Gas), Ifesinachi Anaekwe ( ogwu amusu), Ebuka Mbadugha ( Bukky), ThankGod Igwe, Anthony Ijeomah (omo nri), Chidi Umezinwa ( Boric) and Chiemeka Ezekwonna ( Mescana).

Ifeanyi Ezeike in his appreciation message to his Old school association member, the Mlsss02 set, Achievers: "I want to say a very big thank you; and I humbly appreciate all your effort and support. I'm indeed blessed to have friends turned out brothers like you."

" I cannot tell you how much I appreciated all your help. Everything was as I wanted it to be. You were all a great help. Hope you guys get your various destinations safe. Thank God everything went well."

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Mlsss02 Achievers 2023 Re-Union Awards Night

<p>Mlsss02 Achievers 2023 Re-Union Awards Night</p>
<p>Mlsss02 Achievers 2023 Re-Union Awards Night</p>
<p>Mlsss02 Achievers 2023 Re-Union Awards Night</p>
<p>Mlsss02 Achievers 2023 Re-Union Awards Night</p>
<p>Mlsss02 Achievers 2023 Re-Union Awards Night</p>
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