Recap of MLSSS02 SET Achievers Re-union, 2024

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By: Ijeomah Anthony
On 2024-03-30T14:49:05.862Z

1. Engr Emmanuel (Secretary General) on behalf of the Excos Welcomed members to the Reunion and called on Moller who said the opening prayer at about 03:30pm and the meeting was declared open.

2. Cardinal was called up and he gave a brief run down on the history of the association; how it was formed,the purpose and objectives of the association. 


3. Cardinal stated his displeasure that members come for Reunion without our Identity cap and the absence of our official banner at the venue of the Reunion. Emmanuel (Secretary General) apologized on behalf of the Excos for the failing to have our banner mounted on the venue of the Reunion and promised it won't happen again.

4.Cardinal talked about dues payment and the need for us not to remove defaulters who doesn't have money to pay.

5. Cardinal appealed that we re-unite with members who left for one reason or the other.

5. Cardinal spoke on Bringing in our wifes to attend events and called for plans for the future of the association.

6. Ifeanyi Onyeka suggested that Reunion should not be a yearly event stressing that members' vibe towards the yearly Reunion is nose diving rather it should be at the end of every tenure of 4 years.

7. Moller added that regional meetings should be taken seriously and suggested 3 years for each tenure at the end of which we have a Reunion. 

8. Ijeoma supported yearly event for the reunion. Stating that 4 years is a long time to see our mates.

9. Moller faulted the EXCOs on poor planing of the Reunion and short notices of the date and plans for the event.

10. Moller also faulted the EXCOs for not Carrying members along with planning of the Reunion. 

11. Moller talked about how we can multiply our money in the bank by investing the money. Members suggested Fix deposit or acquiring a piece of land with the money.

12. Ijeoma presented the extent of work done on the website, he stated the extent achieved so far and what needed to be done to complete the website development.

13. Ijeoma stated that he hasn't hosted the site because of some information he doesn't have yet.

14. In response to Ijeoma 's request for some information needed for the website, Cardinal suggested we open a WhatsApp group where him and Obinna Ibe and some old and new Executives will be added to respond promptly to Ijeomah's requests.

15. On AOB, Jonathan thanked members of the Executives and everyone for their efforts to keeping the association together despite their individual busy schedules. 

16. Engr Emmanuel ( Secretary General) thanked members for making out time to attend the Reunion despite their tight schedule and short notice. He then called on Moller who said the closing prayers at about 4:50 PM and a motion for Adjustment was moved by Moller, seconded by Zola.

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